Thursday, February 15, 2007

TD Jakes

I was at my cousin's house and we were playing around with You Tube as always. Than I typed in TD Jakes. We watch the man of God preach down heaven like never before. It was my cousin's first time seeing something like this. She never seen this before and she imagined going to church every sunday like that. People weren't shy about God and were willing to praise, stand, lift up their voices, shout to the Lord, raise their hands. It was all fresh and new for her.

I thank God for the freedom to worship! Let's us WORSHIP!

Mission Fest

I just came back from Mission Fest a view weeks ago. It was crazzzy! You can just stare in awe of the body of Christ. So many booths, missions, visions, burden, dreams, desires, needs, and don't forget love, love, love! I was looking at the body. There were hands, and feet, and necks, toes, and nails and livers, arms and one head! I was just amazed.

I thought, "Where do I fit in, in all of this? What part do I play? Where do I begin?"

Than I passed by a booth called CFAN, or Christ for all Nations! I know this ministry! Who doesn't? I know this man of God named Rienhard Bonnke! I know his mission, vision and even story! I went and talked to the man behind the booth. We was just smiling under the presence of God and I can see why. A real miracle was taking place. It included, 10's, 100's, 1000's, 10,000's, 100,000's, 500,000's, and MILLIONS! It was reaching out to the lost. I talked to the man and told him how I was in absolute awe of what God was doing through this ministry. MILLIONS coming to Christ but in a muslim country. It was astounding! Unbelievable and almost unheard of... Only a miracle being done from God himself! From his very throne room and for his very Glory.

I've seen many crusades and conventions but filled with lots of Christians. This one was much different. It was filled with the lost coming to Christ and in the MILLIONS! SHOUT MILLIONS! WOW! Oh, and they weren't done yet. They want to reach 100 MILLION before the end of the decade. An act only God himself can perform! And it is happening!

I was in awe of the multitudes coming to Christ for the first time. I spoke to the man behind the booth who was also in awe. We talked and talked and talked. Finally, he gave me a video that cost $30 but he gave it to me for free. He asked about me and what I do. I told him about PMC and the vision and the miracle that we were seeing. It was the same God! I told him about SAGC and our vision. It was the same God! I told him about the little role that I play. It didn't matter how small it was because it was for THE SAME GOD!


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dark Night of the Soul

When Your Mountain Road Heads Toward the Valley

By John Paul Jackson

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. —Proverbs 3:5–6
On January 2, 2007, we released our first AWE WebTV webcast. The title of the first show, and the following four in that series, was "Storms, Faith and the Miraculous" — a topic that is uncomfortably close to the Body of Christ. If you haven't come across it by now, you have lived a very sheltered life! Roughly two years ago, God told me that I was about to go through a great high and a great low. I assumed that the valley, or the great low, would follow the mountain. That seems to be the way it usually works: The high, whatever it happens to be, brings you up, and then the low brings you crashing down. I was expecting my valley to be on the other side of my mountain.

But it wasn't. For two years, I endured a dark night of the spirit. It's a long, lonely valley that can easily — very easily — sweep a child of God into depression or spiritual suicide. Only within the last few months has the path begun to slope upward once again. I now can see a light on the other side. I am experiencing more hope than I have in quite a while. As uncertain and unclear as the path sometimes seems, it is beginning to feel firmer beneath my feet. God is bringing me out of the valley, at last. My head is clearing as He shines the light of His favor upon me once again. Though I go through the valley of the shadow of death, I don't live there — praise God! The same is true for you.

Get Off the Rollercoaster!I have learned that the height of the mountain is in direct proportion to the depth of the valley. In other words, the depth of your valley reveals the coming height of your destiny. Most of us are familiar with what's traditionally called the "ebb and flow" of God's Spirit. We have highs and we have lows. We have times when we feel immune to the dark and times we feel like God must hate us. We will tend to think the latter if we aren't firmly rooted in a deep, abiding familiarity with our Father's love for us. The lows will shake us to our very core, and if we are not rooted in Him, we will be swept away, at least for a time. As we experience these highs and lows, the ebb and the flow, how we see our circumstances is vital. If we don't see them as Heaven sees them, we will find ourselves in the midst of what I call Rollercoaster Christianity. It leads people to giving up, because it is easier to handle high highs, but we self-destruct when the lows are so low. If we are focused on the experience alone, our emotions will tend to rule us, especially in those low moments.

Every Mountain has a ValleyTaking it one step further, having low moments does not mean God
is angry with us. If we assume that we're experiencing a low because God is displeased, we are swallowing the enemy's hook and allowing him to lead us wherever he wants us to go. If there is sin in our life, that's one thing; however, not every low happens because of sin. We will not be able to remain on top of the mountain forever — that's just the way it is. No matter who we are, we will face disappointments, hard times and struggles. But in the midst of these, if we can remember that God is God of the Valley just as much as He is God of the Mountain, the valleys won't seem as long. If our eyes are fixed on Jesus, we won't notice the dark as much. It's hard to see the dark when you are staring at the Light. It has a way of blinding you to everything else.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Deb O

I have a friend who's name is Deb O! Her B-day is sometime this month but as always, I forgot the wonderful date (What else is new?). I must say that I'm one of the most blessed person's on earth! I have got some wonderful friends and so is D! I was recalling all the great things about this person. Her patience to her four beautiful kids. Her kindness to all who invade her home. Her awesome hospitality which know's no bounds and who can forget her amazing cooking. Gotta love those rice crispy squares.

I was also remembering the time she came over to my pad. Mom made a bunch of food and we had a wonderful evening. We gathered our friends and played some games and fellowshipped. Before you know it the night was over and it was time to leave. As people were departing, Deb O did something amazing. She stayed behind and washed all of our dishes. Sure she couldn't gone home to tuck her beautiful children to bed, she could have left and caught up on some light sleep. She could've even went home to be with her hubby (also known as Mr. Mom!)

But no! This wouldn't do for this woman of God. She was willing to put all that aside to help out! She was willing to be first by being last and servant of all (Matt 20:26-28). And for that there will be great rewards in heaven!

Also, I recalled the time that it was my birthday! The friends came over again and we had a 50's night. The house was AWESOMELY decorated and everything was marked by excellence! It was cool. We dressed in our favorite 50's gear and played a mystery game. The juke box was on and we had milkshakes and wild 50's music. I was ecstatic! But no, it gets better.

My friends, come out singing Happy B-Day to yours truly with an awesome Chocolate cake. I was surprized, shocked and even felt like crying (forget the crying part!). We dug into an soft, moist chocalate cake that lifted me up to heaven. And guess who made it? It wasn't A Bomb, or David, or even Rob but Deb!

God bless the Deb's in our life! The world needs more of them!

Now I'm in a JAM! What do I give on her B-Day and when do I give it? AHHhhhh!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Wonderful Words of Life

Oh, it has been a long time since I have heard a really good message. A tailor made sermon for yours truly. A revelation the comes from God himself to me! I've heard so many message but nothing new, nothing challenging, nothing convicting until recently... I felt like I have heard it all until now. I know that in this life we go through many troubles, some trials and tribulation but take heart, He has overcome and He will not give us more than we can endure. Thank goodness for those ones!

Well, I just wanted to recommend some spiritual milk for you babies or solid food for those who are maturing and even meat to those who are giants. They are the sermons of Chuck Swindoll. He was quoting the experience of a great preacher named Charles Spurgeon. What was great was that I was able to whole heartedly identify with the experience. It reminded me of a couple ofs Bible Verses in 1 Peter, "Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings." (5:8-9) I'm so glad that I am not alone in this world and it makes a HUGE difference when you meet someone in the same boat.

More meat came again from an old book on leadership called, "Hand me Another Brick" by Chuck. It was an exhilerating book on leadership. It is honest, blunt, and direct. I read it when I took my first position as a spiritual leader in the Body of Christ as a Camp Counsellor. It was one of the most challenging and even tramautic experiences I have ever faced but gave birth to fruit like never before. The book was timely to say the least.

Anyways, I just wanted to recommend it to you and to even hear Chucky's wonderful words of life or the radio or net. Go ahead and dig and and get up and have a bite. You just might like it.

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