Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Success Factors for an Organization.

by Dr. Samuel R. Chand


1. Handling complexity
Figuring out what needs to be done and charting a course of action

2. Drive and results orientation
Focusing on an outcome and driving for completion

3. Lead and manage people
Directing the work of motivating others

4. Executional excellence
Putting ideas into action

5. Organizational understanding
Knowing how the organization works and how to maximize it

6. Composure under pressure
Staying focused in the internal pressure cooker and still getting things done

7. Executive maturity
Always acting with maturity and good judgment

8. Technical knowledge

Understanding and applying technical knowledge

9. Recruit and develop good people

Making the organization and individuals better

Positive people skills

Knowing how to get along with people who are different

Effective communication

Knowing how to communicate

Impact and influence

Being able to get things done when faced with obstacles

Acknowledgements: Growing Global Executives—John R. Fulkerson
The 21st Century Executive—Rob Silzer
Dr. Samuel R. Chand, 950 Eagles Landing Parkway, Suite 295, Stockbridge, GA 30281

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